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Custom Invite Homework

Designing the stationery suite that brands your event and exemplifies your theme is one of the most exciting elements of your event planning journey!  To help guide you through the process, we have outlined a few homework tasks to get your creative juices flowing.  Worry not!  We are right by your side to offer direction on processes, logistics, and of course overall aesthetics and etiquette.


What is the event theme?  A historical time (20’s, 50,’s),

is it reflective of a culture, (Greek, Brazilian, African),

or maybe a yearly event like, (Madi Gras, New Years. Christmas),

or is it traditional romance


What is the event décor?  Consider your color palette, linen,

flowers, centerpieces.  Is there a décor theme, like whimsical, or a nature focus?


What type of venue?

Resort, Country Club, Event Hall, Barn, Tent, other. 

There are so many venue options for Special Events. 

The Venue strongly dictates the overall theme.


What is the event location?   City, countryside, backyard, inside, outside, other


 Event Etiquette?  Time of day, Black Tie, Casual, Chic, other


Number of Invitations?

Married couples = 1 Invite, Families in same household = 1 Invite,

Single couples = 1 Invite w/Plus 1

  • Determining the number of invitations will most likely require your completed or estimated guest list. An Excel spreadsheet is the best way to compile this data. Spreadsheet provided with the booking.   


Budget Low to High?

Knowing what you would like to invest in your stationery suite will help you

entertain options that will fit into your budget.  Keep in mind that custom invitations

always have a higher price tag than online catalogs and local retailers of mass-produced

product.  Your invitation suite is exclusive and customized for your specific brand and style.   


What is your Stationery Vision?

  • Materials:  Paper (thin or thick), Acrylic, Wood, Fabrics, other.

  • Style:  Laser Cut, Flat Traditional, Boxed, Folio, other.

  • Print & Graphics:  Traditional, Modern, Script or Block lettering. Letterpress, Foil, other.

  • Embellishments: Jewels, Ribbon, Embossing, etc.


Consider all the pieces of your event. Start a Pinterest Board and share it with us.  Clip articles take photos while you are out and about planning your event.   Jot notes of ideas or important features you will want to be detailed in your suite.  All these details can assist us when designing your stationery.


We are excited to collaborate with you as we move forward in designing a stationery suite that you will remember and cherish forever.  Have fun! This is your special time!

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